Every brand aspires to be more than a name. But what does it take to leave a mark? To stand the test of time, a classic that needs no introduction. Let us take you for a trip, an adventurous, rewarding, and breathtaking one of what it takes to build CARMELITA.

CARMELITA ignites with the dreams of Carmelita Mohd Zainol. Born on the 25th of September 1982 in Lumut, Perak. Having spent 17 years as a registered counselor. Her lively and vigorous love for fashion drives her to swim against the current, with a dream to build pieces made for strong, charismatic alpha women. 

Hence the label CARMELITA was born in 2016, with a dream to be the house for strong women from different walks of life and reclaim their confidence in running their success story. Not just another fashion brand, CARMELITA innovates practical pieces such as the one-piece pleated triangle Ella scarf that is ready in just a few seconds, Abby scarf, a light chiffon triangle scarf with an attached inner and first of its kind pleated satin Mahalia Kurung that creates a wave among the modest community and garnered over 22,000 loyal CARMELITA Lovers a year till today.

Not just creating names under the range of scarf and shawl, CARMELITA rose to the eye of the media by being chosen to feature in women's magazine for a special batik blazer collection, reserved a special slot in NONA TV3 Hari Raya collection, collaboration with Swarovski® crystals for CARMELITA Diamond scarf collection and features as the wardrobe choice of Media Prima news anchors in our range of scarf, shawl, and ready-to-wear pieces.

Drawing decisions in the meeting room, being a committed mother and fulfilling the needs of others. We relate to these women; we understand them and CARMELITA is built for them.

Through our thoughtfully made pleated scarf, shawl, and pieces that are fit for a festive occasion like Baju Kurung and Abaya to casual pieces like a blouse, dress, and top for a relaxed occasion. We dream to be a hub, a safe house where all dreams will transform and come true.

Starting from humble booths, showrooms and later on building two physical boutiques based in Sri Kembangan and Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Our mission of nourishing love, confidence in a woman starts with minimal yet deeply intricate and premium material and design of the pleated scarf, shawl, and timeless ready-to-wear pieces that must bring the image of CARMELITA Lovers to life. Every fabric selection, strokes of design sketching, the heat of the pleating machine and fitting, all plays a part in making the magic to the transformation that every woman in CARMELITA pieces needs.

Every scarf and shawl is thoughtfully made in the widest range of colors, ironless, minimal yet built to bring the most powerful charisma of an accomplished woman.

Pleats, ahead of time design, and solid material that stands the test of time. They require minimal ironing, easy to handle with maximum impact.

Celebrating the love of over 30,000 women all with their own story, high flying careers, an aspiring dream, and an incredible mother. Every route is anchored by the bond of love for self-love and fashion.

We have big dreams, for us and our dear CARMELITA Lovers. From the days of our beginnings, to where CARMELITA is Today. We are built on dreams and nourished with love.

Breaking the borders, CARMELITA is now the choice of women from Singapore, Brunei, and expanding to the European continents where every modest woman is soaring high with a dream that is out of this world and knowing no limits.

Built on dreams and fulfilling the needs of successful women from all walks of life is the source of energy to keep CARMELITA going further, fearless, and in the seek for an adventure unlike any other. Hand in hand, together with our proud CARMELITA community.